We are living in a Global World and times have changed.

The idea behind this website is to promote New Zealand businesses and help make New Zealand a better place financially.

We are all aware that there is a global financial crisis, and we need to export as much as we can to reduce our debt.

Everything we buy from New Zealand companies helps our balance of trade. These companies then pay more tax and may employ more people, one day even a relative or friend of yours.

We all know that New Zealand is a great producer of food and many people like to buy food produced here.

This website hopes to keep you up to date with New Zealand companies that you can support and financial trends and even a shopping list that you can print out.

So let's all be Proud To Be Kiwi.

As we are just starting this website, it is a bit of a work in progress, so please bear with us, but we will have regular updates, especially to our shopping lists, and we hope, some giveaways etc, so don't forget to join us!

The aim of this website is to back New Zealand!

We will show you ways to support New Zealand Businesses. This will employ New Zealanders and save our overseas funds !

Our Overseas debt is NZ$190 billion.
That is 90% of our GDP. That is $47,500 for each of us! Lets see if we can work to get it down!

Our Exports as a percentage of GDP are only 30%. Many OECD countries export up to 40% of their GDP!

We need to increase our savings.
Our savings record is one of the worst in the OECD. If we saved more our balance of payments defecit would go down and we could start buying back some of our major businesses.
Kiwisaver is a good start.

News Flash!

Fairfax of Australia are going to sell their remaining shares of TradeMe. Hopefully this will allow kiwi institutons and "mum and dad" investors to buy back more of this iconic company

We now have another New Zealand owned bank - Heartland bank started today - so we now have 6 New Zealand owned banks for you to chose from

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